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Weatherproof through autumn and winter.

HYDROFLEX® is a water-based and sustainable PU (polyurethane). It is much more environmentally friendly in production than conventional synthetic leather. No environmentally harmful solvents (DMFA) are used in the production process.

Robust and comfortable at the same time! 
HYDROFLEX® has a number of other positive properties in addition to its sustainable production: The surface is very smooth, scratch-resistant and 800 percent more abrasion-resistant than conventional imitation leather. Thanks to the robust nature of the material, our bags and backpacks are a reliable companion. A long service life is an important factor in conserving resources and protecting our environment. Furthermore, the material is very soft and easy to wear on the shoulder.


We make no compromises in the choice of materials. Therefore we are in constant exchange with our producers to improve our materials and products. We are convinced that good quality and a clear conscience need not be a contradiction in terms. HYDROFLEX® is the result of a search for the best and most sustainable material for a backpack that passes every everyday test. Our claim was and is to offer a high functionality, where neither the product nor its production unnecessarily pollutes the environment. We have found this material with HYDROFLEX®.

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