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On this page, you can find our terms and conditions for individuals and traders.


General conditions individuals

The consumer has the right to inform the company that he renounces the purchase without penalty and without giving any reason within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the good or the conclusion of the service agreement.

1. Identification Seller

These terms and conditions (the Terms) are drafted by the Komptoir a Belgian law established in Herestraat 32, 3300 Tienen.
The Seller can be contacted either by post to the address given for either by e-mail at either by telephone on 016 47 36 11.

2. Applicability

The General Conditions apply to all the products listed in the purchase order or services (the order), purchased from the website (the Website) by the buyer (the buyer). These Terms and Conditions may only be waived by express written agreement between the seller and the buyer. The fact that the seller and the buyer each other at certain points possibly deviate from the General Terms and Conditions shall not affect the application or validity of the other conditions.
Seller may rely on third parties for the execution of the agreement with the buyer. Each passive solidarity between the Seller and the third party is expressly excluded.

3. Price

All prices on the website are in Euros and include VAT. This price does not include any delivery charges, nor any bank charges from the buyer. All delivery costs and bank charges are borne by the buyer, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.
The delivery cost will be displayed on the Website and in the Terms and Conditions. To know the total price of a purchase, including delivery, so should be the delivery costs in the price of the product or service charge.
The price and delivery costs will be displayed when the buyer must confirm the purchase. Except protest by the buyer within 30 calendar days after receipt of the confirmation email by the Seller shall be rebuttable suspect that the price and delivery costs as shown on the purchase are the same as the price and delivery costs as shown in the confirmation email.
All published offers are subject to any writing or printing errors. The Seller can not be held responsible if the buyer ought to understand that the offer or quotation or part thereof contains an error. Terms of reasonableness and fairness in society and popular opinion, his offers and tenders

4. Confirmation Order

Each order will be confirmed as soon as possible by the Seller via email. The ordered goods remain the property of the Seller and is not sent until the order is paid in full. The order will be booked 7 days pending payment.
The buyer will receive a second email when, after payment, the order was sent.

5. Payment

The buyer must pay by credit or debit card. Ordering immediately
The Seller shall not be responsible for payment is not made. In case of problems during the payment, the buyer must contact us. Their bank agent
The Seller shall not be responsible for any bank or exchange charges which the buyer will be charged with the payment of the order.

6. Delivery

The order is sent only when the full price, plus any shipping costs, was paid into the account of the Seller.
Seller is trying to deliver your order as soon as possible. The order will be delivered within 30 calendar days at the address specified by the buyer.
The order will be delivered to an address of your choice.
If the buyer has specified an incorrect address the buyer bears the cost of this themselves. If incorrectly shipped by a defect attributable to the Seller, the costs will fall to the Seller.

7. Transport

De Komptoir Vof Zwei Benelux works with shipping costs:

Belgium – home or office : Free delivery!!

The Netherlands – home or office: Free delivery!!

Greece: € 4,90 incl. 21% vat.

Including: bpack-Business,  Email notification,  Track your packages online,  Basic guarantee 0-500 €,  Signature upon receipt,  Automatic second offer,  Fast and affordable delivery to the door.

8. Right of withdrawel

The consumer has the right to the Seller to confirm that he renounces the purchase without penalty and without giving any reason within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the good or the conclusion of the service agreement (right of withdrawal).
The buyer who makes use of this right of withdrawal, the Seller to the internet via an email or letter in which the buyer writes clear that he renounces the purchase. Written notice The buyer must specify. The order number of the order and his account number (for refund) The buyer shall enclose with this letter is also a copy of the receipt for verification by the Seller.
The buyer can not exercise the right of withdrawal:
services where performance is in agreement with the purchaser commenced within 14 calendar days from the day following the conclusion of the service agreement;
goods that are manufactured according to the buyer’s specifications or clearly personalized or which can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly due to their nature;
audio and video recordings or computer software which were unsealed by the buyer has been broken; or
newspapers, periodicals and magazines.
The buyer shall, within 14 calendar days from the day following the withdrawal, to send to the Seller the order back. The order can not exceed once used to the extent that it is common practice for this type of product in an average brick store. An order that has not been used in such a way that is used several times, or is used improperly, it will not be accepted.

The buyer also adds the original proof of purchase. The buyer bears the direct costs of returning the order!!

The risk of loss, damage or any other risks relating to the returned shipment is the buyers.
Seller will pay the price of the order within 30 days following the revocation.

9. Warranty

The buyer enjoys the statutory warranty (Art. 1649bis to Art. 1649octies BW) under the conditions and according to the procedures detailed in this article. For the sale of second-hand goods enjoy the purchaser of a guarantee period of one year from the date of delivery. In any case, the warranty expires due to the Seller for two years after delivery of the order.
The buyer should any problem or defect is visible in the delivery or at delivery could reasonably be established to inform the Seller via an email or letter. Within the month following delivery
Any other problem or defect with respect to the order for which the purchaser liable eight Seller shall within one month after discovery or after it could reasonably be discovered, to be reported to the Seller via an email or letter.

Seller is not liable for problems or defects caused by improper installation, use contrary to the instructions provided, negligence, acts of God, wear, age, or any improper use by the buyer. The warranty is void if the Seller the order has already been repaired by third parties or manipulated.
For each report, the buyer must submit. A copy of the receipt and the guarantee certificate.

10. Privacy

Seller shall notify the personal data received in the framework of the order process in the context of customer administration, market studies and for existing customers or with the prior consent for the purpose of conducting personalized information and promotion in the context of the commercial activities of the Seller. The buyer has the right to request this information and to correct them.
In the course of processing this data can be passed on to the people and businesses in which it calls for implementation (including the delivery of and payment) of the order.

As part of this processing, the Seller may also place cookies on users of its website. Cookies are small files that are put. Onto the hard disk of the computer of a website visitor They contain information such as the language preference of the surfer, so it should be on your next visit to the website. These are not re-entered Some cookies allow a web site appears graphically neat, another having a website application works correctly. If the website visitor does not wish that the website places cookies on her computer, it can set its browser. The consumer must do so to consult the manual.’s Own Web browser

11. Disputes / Final provisions

All claims related to the order and / or the terms and conditions, contract or tort, shall be governed by Belgian law. To the extent permitted by law, all disputes will be settled by the courts of the registered office of the Seller.

If a clause of General Conditions would be unlawful or to all other clauses remain unaffected. If one sentence in a paragraph or a severable phrase from a sentence would be unlawful, or the remaining sentences of the same paragraph or other phrases of that sentence remain applicable.

We hereby assume our legal obligation to publish the link to the EU dispute resolution platform:…. We are not obligated and not willing to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration office.

Status: 01/08/2017

General conditions traders

1.  Acceptance terms and conditions

The making of an order and / or accepting a order- or confirmation brings to the customer’s implied and irrevocably agree to our terms and conditions with them, unless otherwise agreed by both parties.

2. Limitation of Liability

In no event shall the Komptoir vof be liable for errors committed by its suppliers liable.
The buyer may not in any case to claim compensation in case of late or incorrect delivery. The seller will of course endeavor to set. Improper delivery as soon as possible point

3. Force Majeure

Each case of force majeure or accidental releases, the VOF Komptoir of law of any attachments, no claim for compensation. Force majeure refers to all circumstances which are not due to an error on the part of De Komptoir vof, which make it impossible to implement the agreement, complicate or delay, including but not limited to fire, strikes, delays or errors in suppliers, price increases from suppliers. The unaccountable and unavoidable nature of the aforementioned conditions shall always be deemed to have been acquired.

4. Cancellation by the client

Unilateral cancellation by the client is invalid unless cancellation is requested in writing and the Komptoir vof in writing to such cancellation has declared its agreement.
The buyer is obliged to compensate such as and not limited to advances and deposits to suppliers as well as the costs arising from the cancellation. Vof the costs already incurred by the Komptoir This fee amounts to at least € 25. It is the Komptoir vof free to prove. Higher amount of costs incurred
For partial cancellation, the full compensation as described above, will be paid by the customer.

5. Retention

The delivered goods remain the property of The Komptoir vof until full payment of the principal, costs, interest and, where appropriate, compensation.
On pain of damages the client’s Komptoir vof will notify by registered mail of any seizure carried out by a third party. The client undertakes the Komptoir vof the opportunity to draw without prior notice, to take back the goods owned and bear the costs of removing the goods. The name of the third party acquirer must be sent by registered letter sent to the Komptoir vof immediately.

6. Terms of Payment

a. Orders must be, unless otherwise agreed with the Komptoir vof. proforma paid
b. Goods that are immediately delivered when ordering should be, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Paid cash on delivery
c. Upon payment by the bank the day of crediting the bank account of the seller, the date of payment applies. If paying by check, the payment date, the date it was cashed by the sellers.
d. Invoices must be within the deadline stated on the invoice paid. In case of non-payment they make by right, without notice, an interest of 2% per month, calculated from the date of invoice, and this with a minimum fee of € 10 per month.
e. In case of non-payment of an invoice yet another unmatured claims will be on the customer, automatically and without prior notice will be payable.
f. Any discounts expire as long as there are outstanding invoices.
g. All costs incurred in the Komptoir vof order to pay, as there are but not limited to costs of bailiffs, lawyers, registered mail, …, will be charged to the customer.

7. Acceptance bill

Each invoice is considered accepted if it is not in writing and motivated protest within 5 working days. Deemed irrevocably

8. Non-performance exception

In case of non-payment on the due date for any reason, or for non-receipt of goods correctly and undamaged supplied reserves the Komptoir vof the right to suspend the execution of all orders, without prior notice and without compensation.
If the customer fails to pay the Komptoir vof is entitled to all deliveries still to be done to require to cancel the contract in whole or in part or to suspend until all outstanding invoices are settled. Orders continue to implement cash

9. Shipment and packaging

Each shipment and packaging shall always be at the expense and risk of the customer.

10. Complaints and returns

a. All complaints regarding the goods delivered, the execution of the agreement and such circumstances should be specified in writing (by letter, email) to the Komptoir vof sent within 7 working days after receipt of the goods. These complaints can only take into account provided that the goods are still in the condition they were delivered.
b. The return of goods is entirely at the buyer’s expense, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The buyer will first inform the Komptoir vof the complaints before sending the goods.
c. Minor or technically unavoidable deviations in quality, color, size, finish … constitute a basis for complaints.
d. In case of justified complaints, the Komptoir vof choose to credit the goods to repair or replace, and within 30 days after receipt of the return.

11. Court

All contracts under the terms of these conditions are governed by Belgian law. Procedures will be conducted in the courts of Leuven.

12. sided change law

The Komptoir vof has the right to change these general conditions. Unilaterally Changes go into one month after publication by means of a written notice. If the customer does not want the changes to the terms and conditions to accept this until the entry into force of the amendments to the right to terminate on the date that the amended terms become effective. Agreement by registered letter After the effective date, the customer is deemed to have accepted the changes.

We hereby assume our legal obligation to publish the link to the EU dispute resolution platform:…. We are not obligated and not willing to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration office.

Status: 01/08/2017